The Ultimate Personal Money Management System
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What is the PouchPlan?

The PouchPlan combines the best of the envelope budgeting system  with the advantages of today's electronic payment abilities. Combining the two systems results in a safer, more reliable, and less active participation requirement for users.  You will be rewarded with a complete system for controlling and organizing your financial activities.  It’s core is a naturally intuitive based spreadsheet that has you split your expenses into those which are regular in amount and frequency and those expenses that are not.  Those expenses that are not regular in amount and frequency  are labeled irregular

You will change the way think about and you use your bank account.  Your bank becomes the payment processer for your regular expenses, not a place to park money until you decide what to do with it.  All of your regular expenses will be paid automatically from your bank and the PouchPlan will provide for you the correct amount of deposits required from each paycheck.  Here are some examples of regular expenses: House payments, car payments, rent, insurance payments, child care, cable, internet, phone, water, memberships, dues, and very often your utilities.  

You will then determine your expenses that are irregular in both amount and frequency, which will be paid for with cash.  Examples of these types of expenses are the following: Groceries, clothing, gasoline, household goods, gifts, entertainment, car maintenance, and  miscellaneous. These expenses are divided into categories which form your Pouch and will be paid for with cash out of the  section of the Pouch to which it is assigned.  The Pouch is a simple coupon sized expandable file, available on the website or at all “mart” and office supply stores, into which you will put your cash per the spreadsheets instructions.

The transformative power of the system is provided by the tool of the PouchPlan spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet automatically calculates your bank deposits, cash needs, and the timing of both, not just your budgeted amount.   Once set up, you are on autopilot.  It requires about 5 minutes per paycheck to keep you exactly on target with your plan.

What it does for you!

Eliminates Worry
Adds Peace
Simplifies your life
Reduces Confusion
Saves time
Assists your decision making
Builds self confidence
Provides constant awareness of finances
The success rate for the PouchPlan is much, much higher than any other type of budget.  In fact, the number one reason we've seen people quit using the plan is because it helped them so much that the financial pressure on their lives decreased dramatically and they thought they were "cured".  We even fell for that one once!
Look at the above list of what it provides.  Really?  Those things in your life are not worth a couple of hours setting up your plan?  Download the Free PouchPlan now by adding it and the Free  Quick Start Guide to your cart.  Time to move from ouch to pouch!