The Ultimate Personal Money Management System
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Every year businesses spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in efforts to improve the quality of their employees lives on and off the job, while an area making a HUGE impact is virtually ignored…employee personal money management.  How your employees handle their money will affect every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

According to a 2017 Deloitte study published in February 2018, 46% of employees said money was their biggest source of stress compared to only 17 % who said work was.  30% of employees said they were distracted at work by money worries and 12% said they had missed work because of money issues.

According to the Federal Reserve, 44% of adults cannot write a check for $400 without going into debt.

According to the Society of Human Resource Managers, 34% of absenteeism and tardiness are due to financial hardships, not medical or family matters.

The average 65-year old has $17,200 set aside for retirement, which will not cover even one of the 21 years of life expectancy remaining.

The PouchPlan budget book was written by Mitchell Walker to give ordinary people the chance to live extra-ordinary lives.  Middle Class America’s financial struggles were well known to Mitchell, having faced them himself.  Twenty-five years ago, he was one hundred thousand dollars in debt with no assets. He and his wife, Suzanne, came up with the simple to use PouchPlan to meet the demands of a blended family of 7.  Fast forward to today and Walker has a prosperous and secure retirement ahead, he’s celebrated 5 debt-free college graduations, 4 weddings and 10 grandchildren.  Walker understands the financial needs of moderate America.                                   


The PouchPlan Budget book and proprietary spreadsheet will give your employees the foundation for a great financial future…that of a doable and usable budget that requires no math, accounting, bookkeeping or receipt tracking to be up to date and accurate at all times.  People seldom fall off the financial improvement wagon; they never get on!  A simple and usable budget and money management system is the first step on. 

We are serious about reaching millions of working folks with the PouchPlan budget and are aggressively discounting bulk purchases in order to do so.  Below is our schedule of discounts off list price ($14.95) based on quantities ordered.  Our Free shipping is to a single location.

Quantity            Discount    Net Price  Extras Included  

11-20                 20%             $11.96       FREE Shipping plus 2 FREE copies signed

21-49                 35%             $ 9.71       FREE Shipping plus 3 FREE copies signed

50-200               50%             $ 7.47       FREE Shipping plus 4 FREE copies signed

201-500             58%             $ 6.28       FREE Shipping plus Company logo on Back Cover

501-1000           62%             $ 5.68       FREE Shipping plus Company logo on Front Cover

1001+         PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY      

All orders of 1000+ will include FREE Shipping plus the option to include a Foreword by the CEO and the company's logo on the Front and Back covers.

Mitchell Walker spent 15 years as the Vice President of Finance for a Berkshire Hathaway company, owned and managed 5 business, was the CFO of a community college, also a county commissioner and a city councilman.  Walker understands the financial language of today’s business and government entities.

To find out how you can improve your business and make a major difference in the lives of your employees, please call 903 563 3396 or email; Mitchell Walker at