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Willpower is overrated!

Let's be honest.  All of us have gone on a diet and quit after just a couple of days. Did you know that the most successful diets have the same basic 3 or 4 meals repeated over and over? Or that exercise programs that begin with 1 minute or less of a single, simple activity have as much as a 300% greater participation rate after 1 year than does one that GIVES participants a FREE gym membership.  What's happening is a phenomenon that most people miss, especially in their own behaviors.  Habits are much stronger than willpower. If you want to make significant changes...

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First post-Getting Started

Getting Started Starting something new can be intimidating.  I’m in the same boat with you as I start this new endeavor of the PouchPlan.  I am excited about communicating the principals and procedures that I have seen change lives of people I care about for 20 years. But at the same time it is a daunting task to take a program that we have only taught in person and fashion it in a format which can be understood and used through media. I’ve actually put it off for years! Seems to me the main obstacle to trying something new is...

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