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TEDx Talk experience

I was surprised when the invitation came to give a TEDx talk and I did not hesitate accepting the offer extended by Ajit George.  My subject matter, personal budgeting, is not exactly one people want to snuggle up with or get all excited about. In fact, the most common response is "Yes, I need that, but... My decision process also ignored the fact it took 10 months to put into book form a system that I teach face to face with individuals in just a few hours. It is a ten minute speech.  How hard could this be?

This is real hard.  It is hard because of the compression and brevity required. It is hard because each word matters so much.  It is hard because my words are completely responsible for moving us forward together. I have come to realize most of my spoken words are just lazily shallow and are easily refined or expanded only if the conversation requires such effort.

It's hard because it is a one and done deal with a potentially huge audience. I'm not really scared of speaking in front of a bunch of people.  I am scared of looking/sounding like a fool in front of a bunch a people. I wonder if my cheek mike will pick up the snores of the audience. I do not want to be the #1 search result for "TED talks that stinks".

So I will keep trying, improving, cutting, and looking for just the right words and ways to give a great TEDx talk.  I will reach out to TEDxWilmington, receiving solid advice and help.  I will meet with my speech coach. And finally, since I am speaking at a women's conference, I will be paying extra attention to what my wife has to say.  She, by the way, is very happy I said yes.

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