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Paperback version of The PouchPlan Budget is available

Ok, the big deal is done.  The book The PouchPlan Budget has been published and is available on Amazon as of today!  Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project.  Here is the really cool thing... from today forward we have a way to change the trajectory of someone's life every day!  Remember this truth.  If you do money right, life gets easier and easier.  You do money wrong, life gets harder and harder.  We are going to make people’s lives better.
And we are going to make a bunch of people’s lives better. Here is my big, harry, audacious, goal for the PouchPlan.  Right now, about 4% of Americans have a budget plan in place.  That is equal to 15 million people.  These folks have 900% more wealth stored up than the average person.  I want to move the number of people with a doable, usable, and sustainable budget to 30 million over the next ten years.
The impact will be amazing.  15 million individuals and families with the financial freedom to secure peaceful lives, educational opportunities, provide help for the needy, and about a quarter of trillion dollars for investment and growth in the US economy.  Another truth to remember.  People do not usually fall of the financial planning wagon, they never get on.  A doable, usable, and sustainable budget is the ALWAYS first step on.  WE are going to help a lot of people take that first step.

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